“Law for and By the People”


Mini Declaration

The Mini Declaration of Independence of the United States of America is a abbreviated version of the Common English Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Both are written in common english that anybody can understand. You don’t need to look up every part to figure out what it means like you do when reading the original versions.

The great thing about the Mini Version, besides being FREE, is that is has reduced the number of words of the original Declaration of Independence by about 1000 words, while keeping the basic understanding. That makes this Mini Declaration great for referencing the basic points in an easily understandable way, as well as sharing with kids so that everyone can start understanding the foundation of our country as early as possible.

The Mini Declaration of Independence is brought to you with Law By People. We stand for creating law that is by and for the people. This and all citizen documents are living documents and anyone can suggest changes to make it as simple as possible and keep it relevant to the current use of language in our society.

We hope you enjoy this simplicity and relevance of truly understanding what the Declaration of Independence is, and we hope that you will interact with us and help improve the law for and by the people.

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